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Say hello…make a first impression that’s YOU.


First impressions.

They matter.

personal branding photography winnipegPINIMAGEI will help you sy hello, create a great first impression highlighting your brand, while being genuine and keeping the real you front and center.

Here’s the key.  Personal branding involves

  • creating value.
  • sharing.
  • connecting and building.

              …it’s relationship.

                       It’s YOU! 

That’s the secret to personal branding…..the personal piece… a.k.a. …..YOU!

Build a brand and presence that is memorable and share worthy.  Showing people what it feels like and looks like to work with you.

Personal Branding focusing on the personal

with The Light Refinery.


In this day and age of first impressions and social media, you need a photograph that leaves an impact and one that truly reflects the person your family and closest friends know….the real authentic you.  Imagine having images of yourself that highlight your strengths, passion, beauty and talent.  Images you’d be excited to share with those closest to you and on your website, social media accounts and marketing info.  Add photos of your services/products and offerings and turn those doubts about thepersonal brandingPINIMAGEvisual aspect of your business into words of affirmation as customers resonate with what you share! This is more than headshot photos…..because you know….headshots are just that….photos of your head.  How are people to know the real you as you lean against a backdrop in your stuffy business suit?  How is that sharing the true you?

You may be thinking

“I don’t look good on camera.”

“I’m going to feel foolish”

“This hasn’t worked before why should it now?”

Well….that’s where I come in!  Sitting behind the lens is part of who I am and what I love. As I use light, angles, and camera settings to get the technical side of the photos perfected,  I then focus on getting the true you to shine in front of my lens!  I strive to make the session authentic, beautiful and everything you’ve dreamed of. Helping you relax and enjoy our time together is all part of my job. There is no need to wait for the “right time” – because if that’s what you’re waiting for it may never happen!The-Koops-Red-Bloom-Photography-336-683x1024-80x80PINIMAGE

Are you ready to move ahead and capture the heart and soul of your business?  Are you ready to see your business flourish from a personal branding photo session?  If your answer is yes, then contact or email me and let’s get a coffee date in the calendar!

As a Winnipeg and Steinbach photographer, The Light Refinery is a personal branding photography studio serving Winnipeg, southeast Manitoba, and Kenora.  Carly also travels to Calgary Alberta, Regina Saskatchewan and northern BC at various times of the year and is very willing to travel anywhere to get the perfect images for you and your business.  To learn more about personal branding photos contact Carly!